Open Town's Economic Sphere

By participating in Open Town and implementing web3 projects, it is possible to link the value of one's own town with the value of the entire Open Town and other towns around the world.

In this way, the accumulated value circulates among them, creating larger tangible and intangible values.

1. Collaboration between towns

Multiple towns within Open Town can cooperate in community development, based on factors such as proximity, shared concepts, and the desire to facilitate the exchange of people between towns.

2. Further accumulation of value

As the number of towns increases, newly created facilities and services are added to each town, and mechanisms for providing them as rewards are accumulated.

The number of people with experience in implementing web3 projects in each town and online community will grow.

Such tangible and intangible values will gather and accumulate in the Open Town economic sphere, promoting the development of the economic sphere and community and accelerating town development.