2% of the Ethereum paid as consideration for purchasing an NFT is paid to $OT holders as staking rewards. This mechanism will be implemented in April 2023. The plan is to increase this distribution ratio in the future.

Staking rewards are determined based on the NFT sales for a given month and the quantity of a single unit of staked $OT relative to the total staked $OT.

※A single unit of staking quantity refers to the amount of $OT in one staking instance started by a person with a specific quantity.

NFT sales × 2% = total staking reward quantity (A)

1 unit of staking quantity / total staked $OT amount = proportion of 1 unit of staking reward in staking rewards (B)

A × B = reward for one unit of staking

Staking flow:

・Just before a month begins (e.g., late at night on 3/31 before April begins), the proportion of one unit of staking reward in the total staking rewards for that month (B) is determined.

・After a month ends (e.g., early morning on May 1 after April ends), the NFT sales for that month are tallied.

・Subsequently, the total staking reward quantity (A) is calculated from the total NFT sales. The reward amount for one unit of staking is determined and the rights are confirmed from (A) and (B).

Reward receipt flow:

・Claiming is required to receive rewards.

・When claiming, all staking rewards with confirmed rights at that point in time will be paid. Partial reward collection is not possible.

・When unstaking the $OT that was staked, the entire staking reward amount will be paid automatically.