OPENTOWN Token Allocation

For the purpose of community development in the real world, 30% of the total allocation of OPENTOWN tokens will be allocated, and up to 50% if including the reserve pool.

Allocation of OPENTOWN Tokens to Towns

When it is decided that community development will take place in a town, OPENTOWN tokens will be sent to the town team according to the allocation ratio. This will be used by the town team for online community task rewards and promotions. This allocation ratio will decrease as the number of towns increases, allowing towns that joined earlier to receive a higher proportion of OPENTOWN tokens.

OPENTOWN Tokens Distributed to the Community Based on Contribution to Projects

You can obtain OPENTOWN tokens by cooperating with Open Town in various ways. Cooperation methods include project management in each town, assistance through social media, and providing art as an artist. Distribution for such cooperation will begin from March 2023, as follows.

  • Introducing Town Candidate Locations and Town Team Candidates

  • Nomination of town candidates

  • Participation in town teams

  • Assistance with spreading the word on social media

  • Proposals for the entire Open Town

OPENTOWN Tokens to be Sold in Presale and Public Sale

A presale and public sale of OPENTOWN tokens are planned for the future.

The presale is being considered for the second half of 2023.