We are building a mechanism to increase the value of NFTs and OPENTOWN tokens by accumulating the benefits generated in real-world urban development as rewards. 

1.Each town that decides to participate in Open Town issues and sells NFTs using Open Town.

2.The revenue from the sale of NFTs is used as development funds for each town.

3.The sold NFTs function as proof of the holder's right to receive rewards.

For example, a guesthouse is built using the revenue from the sale of NFTs issued in a certain town, and NFT holders can stay there after the guesthouse is completed.

4.A portion of the revenue from the sale of NFTs is also distributed to OPENTOWN token holders based on their contribution to Open Town. A staking mechanism for OPENTOWN tokens will also be implemented.

By holding a certain number of OPENTOWN tokens for a certain period, you will receive a special NFT that is different from the regular NFTs.

Holders of the special NFT can receive rewards from all NFTs in Open Town.