We started the Open Town project in Kalungu village, Uganda.

In cooperation with Faith Angels Ministry, a Community-Based Organization (CBO) in the Lwanda district of the Republic of Uganda, we conducted NFT sales to raise funds for the construction of a water storage tank.

Previously, access to safe water in Kalungu village was low, with no wells or water supply available.

Children in the village had to walk 6km along mountain paths every day to fetch water from a distant river.That water was not clean either.

To solve this problem, we launched the NFT series "Savanna Kidz" in February 2022, and by May 2022, we completed the construction of 15 water reservoirs. We plan to increase the number of water storage tanks to 50 in the future.


In October, the Indonesian Lombok Island NFT, LOMBOK KIDZ, was issued, and based on its revenue, the construction of a community house has begun.

Yokoze Town, Saitama Prefecture

In Yokoze Town, Saitama Prefecture, a web3 school called "JOYLAB" was opened, where participants can join by purchasing NFTs. Participants learned about web3 and NFTs and sold their own NFT art.

Coming Towns

Aiming for the implementation of 100 projects by 2024

We plan to focus on expanding the number of regions where projects are implemented.

In 2022, we started Open Town in three locations.

Our goal is to implement projects in 25 locations in 2023 and 100 locations by 2024.

We are discussing Open Town events with Japanese local governments, NGOs in various countries, and others, and plan to expand the number of regions through collaboration with international organizations and NGOs using the Open Town team's network.