Open Town is a project where local communities around the world issue and sell NFTs, use the funds raised to create positive impacts, gradually improve their own planet, and share the benefits with the local community (both local residents and token holders).

NGOs, local governments, and companies aiming to make their regions better places can plan projects as the main actors, and by producing and selling NFT art through Open Town, they can raise funds like crowdfunding.

NFT art buyers are granted voting rights, and after determining the project goals through voting, the project organizers use the collected funds to implement various projects to improve the region (such as building water storage tanks, constructing guesthouses, or creating tourist tours). As a result, the benefits generated are enjoyed by the local people and rewards are granted to NFT holders.

The value created in each town is directly linked to the NFT in the form of rewards, and is also linked to the OPENTOWN token ($OT) through circulation within the economic sphere. This value accumulates with the increase of towns and projects.

By gradually improving every corner of the world, we can create a network of great value.

There are many places in the world we live in where we can make small improvements without the need for large-scale development. By raising funds, sharing ideas, making decisions, and gathering the power of people and organizations, we can transform various places around the world into better places as Open Towns.

By creating many such Open Towns worldwide and building a network of value and benefits that connect over 1,000 Open Towns, we will share the benefits created with local people and NFT and token holders.

This is a project that generates small impacts all over the world and nurtures them into great value.

A rewarding and sustainable model

Traditional solutions to social issues through donations and volunteering rely on individual goodwill and religious views, which present challenges in terms of sustainability and scalability.

Open Town is a model that can expand and develop sustainably by granting the value and benefits generated to the funders, NFT holders, and token holders, creating a positive cycle.