In the Open Town project, the selection of the next town where the project will be conducted and what will be done in the selected location are determined by voting by NFT and OPENTOWN token holders.

Proposal & Vote

There are two types of voting rights set in Open Town:

  • Voting rights granted for holding OPENTOWN tokens, deciding which city to conduct the project in as an Open Town next.

    • Proposals are currently made by the Open Town management team.

      • In the future, proposals will be made by candidate towns from around the world.

    • Voting is conducted according to the amount of OPENTOWN tokens held.

  • Voting rights granted to NFT holders, allowing them to decide which project to conduct in an Open Town next.(e.g., whether to build a guesthouse or operate a sightseeing tour).

    • Proposals are made by the town team.

    • Voting is conducted based on the number of NFTs held.